AJC: A digital powerhouse

Unsure if AJC is the right fit for your business? Betsy Dantzler, MultiMedia account executive, and Adam Saylor, MultiMedia Sales Manager spoke about how AJC serves as more than just a newspaper.

In June, our client at Theatrical Outfit was asked by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to share how she grew subscription ticket sales over the past two seasons. When she started, their ticket sales were dismal – Theatrical Outfit didn’t have a marketing budget. However, she knew that she had to spend money to make money.

The AJC team presented to the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation how ticket sales have grown over the past two seasons with AJC as Theatrical Outfit’s primary media partner. Theatrical Outfit sent us slides from their database of ticket sales and we merged it with our AJC insights and what the key takeaways were for the campaign. We broke it down so that anyone in the room could understand the digital and traditional advertising efforts that we put behind this powerful brand.

We had an hour-long discussion on the ends and outs that we provided for Theatrical Outfit. The discussion went from advertising posters, direct response digital, native advertising, how we help arts and entertainment clients, to accountable media and more. We align our advertising efforts with the potential customer’s path to purchase a ticket. It makes sense for us to be in the spaces that these potential customers are before their intent to purchase, and well after their purchase, it is media that is covers the entire journey.

In the past two seasons, our client was awarded a substantial grant to increase engagement with people riding MARTA from their shows, whether it’s the Theatrical Outfit or the Woodruff. There’s a perception we wanted to debunk that “arts patrons don’t want to ride MARTA”. The AJC showed our client that we could provide unique and creative strategies with her spend, such as creating snackable content like “These five things within a 10-minute walk of a MARTA station might surprise you.”

We are challenged daily with proving that we’re not just a newspaper, we are a digital powerhouse that reaches a weekly audience of over 1.6 million. We love the solutions we’re providing the arts and entertainment community. We enjoy it and we love to see boosts in ticket sales because we’ve put our backing as marketing experts behind it.

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