Case Study: DeKalb Medical

AJC can provide a unique solution for all your business needs. Nietoe Kelson, an account executive at the AJC, tells us about one of her success stories.

DeKalb Medical was experiencing a shortage of medical staff, especially registered nurses. They needed to hire more nurses, but also retain them. However, the healthcare industry is a large industry in Atlanta. There is always a need to hire medical registered nurses and DeKalb Medical didn’t have the strongest brand in the market. They asked us to refine the current strategy using digital and print while implementing new technologies to help reach their goal.

To determine the solutions and campaign strategy, we held a focus group of employees to learn the nurses and uncover their needs as employees. We asked them everything from what they liked to do outside of work, their lifestyles, and even how many kids they have to determine which audience to target specifically for DeKalb. During these focus groups we also we able to learn how they consumed media.  Based on the data we gathered within the focus groups, We had a very clear directive to make a large digital play.

With our campaign, DeKalb Medical’s hiring site traffic increased with a steady pipeline of registered nurses. The number of applications submitted  was an increase that allowed the client to foster engagement and page growth on DeKalb Medical’s social media and career sites.  During their digital campaign we also handled their social events and established a great trust with the HR team.

We are their go-to for everything. That’s what sets us apart. Our level of service is above and beyond, and we give a lot of added value. By working with us, you’ve got a huge team supporting your business and there’s always a specialist for every solution. With someone always paying attention to your campaign, we are a one stop shop for everything – social, web, print, and anything else you could ever want.

 The AJC has allowed us to think outside of the norm with regards to strategy. They have given us a footprint in the local, regional and national market place where there was no significant impression in the past.  They continue to allow flexibility within our strategy as we navigate and analyze our digital, mobile and print campaigns.  They are business partners in the truest sense of the word. “  -Cathy Hardin, Executive Director of HR, DeKalb Medical