What makes a video “shareable”?

Today, audiences are likely to share content they engage with on the Internet. Thanks to the rise of social media, the AJC has put more emphasis on traditional longform to shorter stories designed to grab the reader’s attention as quickly as possible. It’s no longer just about views on the video, but how shareable it is. We’re with the AJC’s Jen Checkner, Manager of Video Content and Development to learn more on how the AJC thinks “shareable.”

How can you increase the “shareability” factor of your content?

Video content represents 74 percent of all internet traffic so you want your audience to be as engaged as possible. Figure out what the goal and purpose of the video are first. Is it short form, social, or long form with multiple versions? People have a short attention span so you want to be quick, concise, and able to tell a really strong story even without audio.

Also, four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a topic than read about it. If you have a good video, the audience should be interested. Entertain and educate, and it will be more shareable. Make sure you have a strong narrative.

When is the best time to post on social media?

Digital traffic spikes around lunchtime, including on social media. Depending on the audience, generally Facebook users are most active from 12 to 3PM Monday through Fridays and 12 to 1PM on weekends. Be sure to keep your videos under 2 minutes. The length should be from 90 seconds to under 2 minutes. The sweet spot is 30 to 45 seconds for non-narratives such as hands-in-pans and DIY videos.

How do you continue to keep your audience engaged?

Make sure your content is always fresh! Promote it week after week and you will continue to see engagement. But know when to move on if it’s not working and create something new. Advertisers will see how far of a reach they can get with video and continue to create quality, shareable video content.


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