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The latest study on media habits in millennials and teens may surprise you

As frontrunners to embrace new technologies, Millennials and Gen Z carve the landscape for which digital platforms brands should be using. But do you know which platforms Millennials and teens are picking up and which are being dropped? The answer may surprise you. In a recent study done by marketing agency Leflein Associates, they foundRead More

Improve your digital strategy with native video products

Looking for better ways to maximize your client’s digital strategy? Native video products may be your answer. We sat down with AJC’s Jen Checkner, Manager of Video Content and Development to discuss our native video offerings. What are native video products? Native video products are otherwise newsworthy content created in collaboration with an advertiser, asRead More


12 Best Practices from our Email Guru

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s top Email Guru, Jason Newman, has put together these 12 tips to keep in mind when developing your marketing emails. Not only will they look great but by following these 12 best practices you will be on the path to delivering real results. Jason has developed, in partnership with our Engagement team, over 1,500 emails thisRead More

How the AJC Helps DeKalb Medical Recruit Top Employees

Did you know that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution partnered with Monster to take your recruitment efforts to the next level? Watch to learn how the AJC helps DeKalb Medical recruit new talent.  “DeKalb Medical has really seen an uptick in our applicant traffic since we have partnered with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.” – Cathy Hardin, DeKalb Medical ReadyRead More

shopping micro-moments

Shopping Micro-Moments: A Happy Holiday, Indeed

Holiday shopping season is upon us. With it comes the pressure to increase conversions and boost sales across digital channels. One popular trend that has been gaining traction in recent months is the idea of seizing upon “micro-moments” — that instant when customers pull out their smartphone to find out more information about a productRead More

How a University Sold Out Events Thanks to the AJC

Watch how Clayton State University reaches their target demographic, college students, through the AJC’s digital advertising solutions.  “We use digital as an advertising medium because we can reach our audience, which is college-aged students… it’s been a very successful year, and we’ve definitely attributed that to the work that we’ve done with the AJC. ”Read More