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Pulse, a product revisted

“Nurses, are unique. We have the power to promote comfort and relieve strife. Many times we are gifted with the privilege of seeing rapid results of our caring actions. The true benefits of nursing are felt in our minds and hearts.” –Gayle Wayne, RN For 22 years PULSE has been hitting the mailboxes of healthcareRead More

AJC Celebrating Teachers Awards Logo

Back to School: Celebrating Teachers.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is proud to announce a new community recognition program – the AJC Celebrating Teachers Awards. We believe the very best of the best are worth honoring and giving them the recognition they deserve. This will be a moment of significant pride for the honoree, their family and school.  Over the next fewRead More

Programmatic from a different angle

Programmatic advertising is such a buzz media term, with ad spending expected to reach $22 billion this year, according to eMarketer— that’s nearly a 40 percent increase from last year. But only 45 percent of people who use programmatic advertising actually understand the concept behind it, according to an IAB report cited by Econsultancy.  What Is Programmatic Advertising?Read More

marlow's tavern

How Marlow’s Tavern Uses the AJC to Grow Sales

Watch to learn how Marlow’s Tavern has seen tremendous success through AJC digital marketing services.  “The best advice I would give somebody considering print or online with the AJC is to trust them. They’re really smart people. They know their business so well. We’re a good partner. I know my business, they know theirs. We getRead More

ad copy

Smart Digital Ad Copy That Works [Recap]

Struggling to give your ad copy the flair it deserves? Business owners learned how to leverage creative messaging on Wednesday at the AJC.  Jennifer Dragon, Creative Services Director at Cox Media Group,  discussed ways to get customers to do what you want. Whether you missed the event or couldn’t take notes fast enough, here are some key reminders forRead More

How Sponsorships and Premiums Elevate Business [Part 2 of 2]

Q&A with Nicole Harvey, MultiMedia Sales Lead for sponsorships and premiums at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Check out Part 1 to learn more about AJC sponsorships. Q: What exactly is premium content with the AJC?  A: My definition of a premium is: high-impact fixed placements on’s strategic channels where advertisers can align their message to a specific audience or editorialRead More

How Sponsorships and Premiums Elevate Business [Part 1 of 2]

Q&A with Nicole Harvey, MultiMedia Sales Lead for sponsorships and premiums at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Check back next week for Part 2 of this Q&A to learn more about AJC premiums.  Q: Tell us about sponsorship opportunities at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. How are they good for businesses? A: AJC sponsorships provide a unique way to create aRead More