Product EDU: Mundo Hispánico

With over 37 years of experience in Atlanta’s Hispanic community, Mundo Hispánico has not only cultivated a passionate audience across the State of Georgia, but has become a key component to helping local businesses grow. Mundo’s insight is priceless and can provide businesses a better solution. Karen Ondrak, Multimedia Senior Account Executive of Mundo HispánicoRead More

Pulse, a product revisted

“Nurses, are unique. We have the power to promote comfort and relieve strife. Many times we are gifted with the privilege of seeing rapid results of our caring actions. The true benefits of nursing are felt in our minds and hearts.” –Gayle Wayne, RN For 22 years PULSE has been hitting the mailboxes of healthcareRead More

Programmatic from a different angle

Programmatic advertising is such a buzz media term, with ad spending expected to reach $22 billion this year, according to eMarketer— that’s nearly a 40 percent increase from last year. But only 45 percent of people who use programmatic advertising actually understand the concept behind it, according to an IAB report cited by Econsultancy.  What Is Programmatic Advertising?Read More