12 Best Practices from our Email Guru

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s top Email Guru, Jason Newman, has put together these 12 tips to keep in mind when developing your marketing emails. Not only will they look great but by following these 12 best practices you will be on the path to delivering real results. Jason has developed, in partnership with our Engagement team, over 1,500 emails thisRead More

Furniture Store Uses the AJC to Target Ideal Customers

Home furnishings store Domestic Comfort sees a boost in traffic and sales thanks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s multimedia solutions.  “We have an absolutely terrific sales rep who is always coming up with new ideas for us. They help us with our SEO, they help us with our direct mail campaigns, they’re currently going to be helpingRead More

marlow's tavern

How Marlow’s Tavern Uses the AJC to Grow Sales

Watch to learn how Marlow’s Tavern has seen tremendous success through AJC digital marketing services.  “The best advice I would give somebody considering print or online with the AJC is to trust them. They’re really smart people. They know their business so well. We’re a good partner. I know my business, they know theirs. We getRead More

Email Marketing for Medical Practices & Small Businesses

Running a medical or dental practice is hard work, and marketing can be difficult to work into your practice’s budget and schedule. One tactic for staying thrifty is using email marketing to stay at the top of your patients’ minds. Forbes recently reported that email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined when itRead More

website traffic

Drive More Website Traffic With These 4 Steps

The vastness of the internet means it’s a competitive place, especially when you’re trying to win over new visitors. Battles to increase website traffic are often hard-won, and the work of attracting a larger audience is never-ending — but that doesn’t mean you have to set your sights months down the road to see results.Read More

auto dealer marketing atlanta

An Integrated Marketing Approach for an Atlanta Auto Dealer

Take a look at one of our case study videos, showing how AJC Media’s multimedia marketing solutions helped an Atlanta auto dealer achieve success. Mike needed to move cars off the lot, but scattered campaigns run by individual office managers weren’t getting the job done. After listening to his business needs, the AJC’s experts cameRead More

atlanta service smb marketing

How Atlanta Service SMBs Can Generate Leads During Peak Season

By Erica Klaw With the weather heating up, people become more interested in services like home improvements and landscaping, which means your small business is in full swing. As Forbes notes, the industry is now diversified and very lucrative, so if you’re not using this time to actively generate leads, you’re leaving potential growth opportunities onRead More

marketing strategy atlanta furniture store

See Our Marketing Strategy for a High-End Business

Check out our latest case study video showing how AJC Media’s multimedia marketing solutions helped an Atlanta furniture store: Ann is responsible for marketing a high-end, single-location custom furniture store serving affluent consumers in the Atlanta area. Becoming more strategic with her $15K per quarter advertising budget increased foot traffic at her store.   DoesRead More

atlanta ad blocking solutions

Ad Blocking Defined & Solutions for Local Businesses to Overcome It

What is ad blocking? From the perspective of consumers, the prospect is win-win. Not only can they bypass content they didn’t elect to see, but they can save on data costs by not loading it. However, for marketers, this can seem like a losing battle. It’s easy to get frustrated by this behavior, but takingRead More