Are you increasing your passive recruiting?

Think about your best employee.
Where did you find him or her?
How can you recruit 10 more of him or her?  

Recruiting,  if done right, can result in cost savings. 
The NSI Nursing Solution’s report gives a conservative estimate that it costs at least $58,400 to replace each nurse — 1 to 1.5 times the salary of the employee — which adds up to a loss of $5.2 to $8.1 million annually, or $373,200 for every percentage point change to the turnover rate.

Building a solid pipeline of candidates is goal number one for any industry that has high turnover. Being in a week full of meetings can keep you from focusing on that pipeline and eventually you are in scramble mode for each position that opens up.

Find happy and qualified candidates by building your pipeline

Find qualified candidates by building your pipeline

A recent survey conducted by HealtheCareers with hospital HR professionals shows 66% of healthcare employers plan to increase their passive candidate recruiting in  2017, with 30% substantially increasing their efforts to reach this audience.

We can help, more specifically, we have an expert in Healthcare recruitment who can help you develop that pipeline strategy you need.

Our Healthcare Recruitment expert, Tom Scribner

Our Healthcare Recruitment Expert, Tom Scribner 

Tom specializes in Nursing and Allied Health acquisition and retention. He uses market specific data and comprehensive reporting to put together intelligent strategies that drive results. He has been a partner in revenue growth for his clients in excess of $400K YOY in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Talk to Tom.