Meet Kevin McDonough, our April A STAAR case study winner!

Job Title: Multimedia Account Executive

Hometown: Westlake Village, CA

Years of work experience and fields of work: 16 years in local Media and Sponsorship Sales with 2 years in the middle as a PGA TOUR agent. I have been at CMG for 9 months.

Favorite parts of working at the AJC: Working with my team and feeling like I have strong assets to sell every day to my clients.

How CMG is different: At CMG we are encouraged to learn about and understand a client’s needs. Once we understand those needs, we are able to offer a wide range of platforms and solutions. Instead of having one or two products to sell, we are able to provide comprehensive marketing solutions designed to generate ROI and the flexibility to shift between them in order to achieve maximum results.

My favorite media component of a campaign: Most of my work occurs in the digital space. I enjoy pairing our different platforms with a client’s KPI and being able to track the return on investment. Whether with data driven programmatic, social, search or one of our more recent offerings, I enjoy watching campaigns progress and optimize.

Fun Facts: I once rode in the Presidential Limousine.
My wife and I have a baby boy on the way. He is due this September.
I started the largest student club in the history of my Alma Mater, Santa Clara University. The club recently celebrated its 20 Year Anniversary.

In my free time I like to spend time with my family, play golf and try to spend time at the beach.