12 Best Practices from our Email Guru

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s top Email Guru, Jason Newman, has put together these 12 tips to keep in mind when developing your marketing emails. Not only will they look great but by following these 12 best practices you will be on the path to delivering real results. Jason has developed, in partnership with our Engagement team, over 1,500 emails thisRead More

How the AJC Helps DeKalb Medical Recruit Top Employees

Did you know that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution partnered with Monster to take your recruitment efforts to the next level? Watch to learn how the AJC helps DeKalb Medical recruit new talent.  “DeKalb Medical has really seen an uptick in our applicant traffic since we have partnered with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.” – Cathy Hardin, DeKalb Medical ReadyRead More

Google Came to AJC

Google Came to the AJC – Here’s What They Said

Were you able to attend the Google seminar at Cox Media Group headquarters? We hope so! But whether you were there in person or not, we’ll recap what the marketing giants had to say.  The title of the presentation is Winning the Biggest Opportunity in the Smallest Moments. It contains a bundle of takeaways:  Mobile has changedRead More

newcomer's guide

‘Newcomer’s Guide’ Exceeds Advertiser Expecations

As an advertiser, you want to know that your marketing dollars are going to pay off. The AJC has many products (paid search, programmatic, and email marketing to name a few), but let’s talk about a case where a specific section on delivered big results: the Newcomer’s Guide to Atlanta.   Inside the Newcomer’s Guide  TheRead More


What Is Viewability and Why Is It Important?

You’ve heard the term thrown around here and there, and you know it’s an important metric, but what is viewability? It relates to impressions, and whether or not your audience can see them. This may sound like a straightforward concept, but a lot goes into determining viewability. Understanding how it’s determined and why it mattersRead More

marlow's tavern

How Marlow’s Tavern Uses the AJC to Grow Sales

Watch to learn how Marlow’s Tavern has seen tremendous success through AJC digital marketing services.  “The best advice I would give somebody considering print or online with the AJC is to trust them. They’re really smart people. They know their business so well. We’re a good partner. I know my business, they know theirs. We getRead More

SEM atlanta mobile search strategy

Why Mobile Search Strategy Matters: Tips for Local Businesses

If your customers are like most people, they have their smartphones on them throughout the purchase process. With a good mobile search strategy, you can focus on them when it matters most — when they’re nearby. A calculated mobile strategy will turn smartphones into your best influencers and lead customers right to your door. First,Read More

How Sponsorships and Premiums Elevate Business [Part 2 of 2]

Q&A with Nicole Harvey, MultiMedia Sales Lead for sponsorships and premiums at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Check out Part 1 to learn more about AJC sponsorships. Q: What exactly is premium content with the AJC?  A: My definition of a premium is: high-impact fixed placements on’s strategic channels where advertisers can align their message to a specific audience or editorialRead More

How Sponsorships and Premiums Elevate Business [Part 1 of 2]

Q&A with Nicole Harvey, MultiMedia Sales Lead for sponsorships and premiums at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Check back next week for Part 2 of this Q&A to learn more about AJC premiums.  Q: Tell us about sponsorship opportunities at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. How are they good for businesses? A: AJC sponsorships provide a unique way to create aRead More