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How Journalism Standards Affect Your Advertising

When you’re in business, you’re bombarded with advertising options. How do you separate the good from the bad? You may know all about a company’s digital products, but consider the impact journalism can have on your advertising.  An advertising study in the Journal of Applied Psychology indicates the superiority of a high-credibility source. Translation: your message carries moreRead More

AJC Wins Digital Advertising Award

AJC Wins National Digital Advertising Award

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has won a prestigious EPPY Award, an international media competition which honors the best digital media websites and digital innovation. was recognized for its Newcomer’s Guide to Atlanta, an interactive and content-rich hub that engaged readers and drove significant results for advertising sponsors of the site. “We are so honored thatRead More

Programmatic Advertising

[RECAP] Programmatic Ad Workshop: How to Target Your Customers & Create Greater ROI

Did you attend our free Programmatic Workshop on July 13th and 14th? When we are deciding what seminar topics to cover for the year, we want to align with business trends. We share our knowledge to give you a better understanding of how those things will impact your business. And with Programmatic becoming the gold standardRead More

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Digital Marketing News: Google Creating Acceptable Ads Policy to Curb Ad Blocking

One of the reasons consumers seek out ad blocking software is due to slow-loading ads that can place a drag on browsers. But, a solution is in sight. According to a Digiday report, Google is  exploring the idea of creating an acceptable ads policy that would cut back on how much data ads require andRead More

AJC Podcast Breakdown

Podcast Expands the AJC Audience

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s widely successful “Breakdown” podcast is luring in a whole new audience for advertisers.  Profiled in a Newspaper Association of America blog, the podcast that focuses on breakdowns in the Atlanta justice system is set to cross the two million listeners mark in the iTunes store.  How advertisers benefit from podcast “Listeners who come back to the podcast againRead More

Learn the ABCs of Programmatic Advertising [Workshop]

What is programmatic advertising and how can it help your business grow? Programmatic, or automated ad buying, is a method used to target the types of customers you want to reach. At the AJC, we specialize in helping businesses like yours invest in smart, affordable and effective programmatic digital solutions that work. Free Programmatic Ad WorkshopRead More

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A Commitment to Excellence: Beloved AJC Account Executive Retires

By Lauren Landrum It began as a small paper route in high school and transformed into a successful 42-year career. This week, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Account Executive Vann Holland retired and said a bittersweet goodbye to Cox Media Group.  His small paper route in Paulding County, Ga., opened the door for an Account Executive position inRead More

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Atlanta Braves Fans: A Great Audience for Digital Marketing

To celebrate the start of the baseball season, here’s a few insights to help any business hit a home run with your digital marketing. Atlanta Braves fans are a terrific audience you can’t afford to miss. Did you know? 2.2 Million Atlanta Braves fans are living in Atlanta right now. AJC content and advertising reachesRead More