AJC Mobile Site & Breaking News App

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With so many Atlantans on the go, reaching them requires you to insert your brand where they’re most likely to look – on their wireless phones/devices. 93 percent of Atlantans are wireless subscribers.

Mobile advertising is ideal for building brand awareness – offering you a new way to break through the clutter of too much marketing via other media. It also offers users a way to immediately interact with your company’s website (e.g., browse, purchase or download) or reply to ad offers using text or short message codes.

Combined, the AJC Mobile site and the AJC Breaking News app  averages 12 million page views per month.




  • Recently updated and designed for iPhone®, iPod Touch®, and Android.
  • Receive breaking news throughout the day.
  • Access top stories and photo galleries.
  • Easy to share stories via Twitter or Facebook.


  • Mobile devices are individually-owned, not shared. With wireless, you’ll know exactly who you’re reaching and we can offer you the metrics you need to determine the effectiveness of your mobile advertising.
  • Mobile messaging is immediate. Phones make your ads readily accessible to users and easy to answer. With a simple click, users can call/text/e-mail you or visit your website. 1272-055_MOBILE-Droid-Breaking-News
  • Mobile advertising is interactive. Your marketing messages can be just as interactive as the cutting- edge mobile devices that carry them. Consumers can vote through short codes, sample website content, give their product/service opinions and more – all from the device that can most frequently be found in their hands.


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