Reach Atlanta Job Seekers

Each online advertising unit delivers optimum visibility in a prime location – an eye-catching branding position on the home page of Ad Units

  1. 1) Leaderboard (728 x 90)
    • Attracts job seeker attention with top of page exposure.
    • Can link to job postings or company website.
    • Reporting includes impressions, views and click throughs.
  2. 2) Sliding Billboard (950 x 400) to Pencil Ad (950 x 30)
    • Appears on home page with seven-day exclusivity.
    • Provides excellent opportunity for branding and high impact advertising.
  3. 3) Big Box (300×250)
    • Offers high visibility to attract active and passive jobseekers.
    • Can include flash, video, or rich media.
  4. 4) Square Button (125×125)
    • Can be customized with your logo, header and message to promote your job opening.
    • Provides flexibility to link to any URL address.

Online Display Rates

Leaderboard 100% $425
Sliding Billboard 100% $750
Big Box 100% $550
Small Rectangle 100% $300

All of our online display advertising is quoted as share of voice (SOV). SOV is the percentage of total page views during a one week period. Prices are subject to change.