Stop Searching and Start Matching

Introducing Monster Power Resume Search, the most advanced way to match qualified Job Seekers with your opportunities. Powered by Monster’s 6Sense™ search technology, Power Resume Search will pinpoint your ideal candidates.

Why Search When You Can Match?

Monster Power Resume Search evaluates a Job Seeker’s resume like an experienced recruiter would, matching candidates to your position based on work history, skills, education, and location. But it goes further to pinpoint the right candidates for you. Using proprietary technology, Power Resume Search analyzes, rates, and ranks resumes based on how relevant and recent the Job Seekers’ qualifications are.

Instead of searching for keywords, Monster Power Resume Search understands the meaning of words. A search for “RN” for example will pull up nurses and a search for “attorney” will find lawyers and general counsel. A search for a “financial executive” won’t turn up “executive assistant.” It even understands what skills belong to what job categories, as well as which skills are more advanced than others. As a result, you will have more accurate and better quality matches for your openings.


Intelligent Decisions

To help you make better informed decisions, Power Resume Search scores each candidate and lists them in rank order. The most qualified candidates will be displayed first. Select the candidates you wish to view and see their full resume. Better yet, check out how their skills map to your requirements. Power Resume Search identifies relevant qualifications so you can find perfect candidates, at a glance.