dailyajcReach Desirable Local Consumers with Mass or Target Delivery

In today’s cluttered media world, no one offers a stronger means for building customers than newspaper. Facts substantiate that newspaper media deeply resonates with American consumers and is a stronger multi- platform force due to its credibility as a trusted source. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) is the local destination for metro Atlanta news and information. More importantly, 58 percent of Atlanta adults use newspaper to plan their shopping.1

The AJC offers you access to this audience of shoppers with flexible products offering mass or targeted delivery. We have market tools and expertise to carve out your prospects by geography, demographics and/or behavior, then match them to AJC sections/publications delivered by varying zones and/or ZIPs.

Quick Statssundayajc

  • 1.1 million Atlantans read the AJC newspaper on Sundays.2
  • +569K Atlantans read the AJC newspaper on a weekday/Saturday.2
  • 1.7 million Atlantans read the AJC in print or online each week.2
  • Newspaper Ads ranked No. 1 – above local TV and radio ads – in persuading Atlantans to purchase products.3
  • ajc.com ranks No. 1 in usage and No. 2 in engagement when compared to local TV news websites.3


Targeted Ad Delivery Options*

Section or Publication Delivery Day Ad Type By Zone(s) By ZIP(s)
Main Section Every Sticky Notes 13 -
Deal Spotter Section Thu Display 4 0
Living & Arts Section Sun Display 4 -
Reach/Insert Section (AJC Subscribers) Sun Display 6 -
Insert 6 ZIPs (Sup-ZIPs & Routes)
Reach (AJC Non-Subscribers) Sun
Display 6 -
Insert 6 ZIPs (Sup-ZIPs & Routes)
Evening Edge (Select Affluent Markets) Thu Display 3 -
Mundo Hispánico (Key Hispanic Markets) Thu Display 2 Select ZIPs
Buyer’s Edge Select (Opt-In Subscribers) Sun Insert - Select ZIPs

*These publications/sections, as well as unlisted sections, are available for full-run delivery.

AJC Premium Print Advertising

The AJC is constantly evolving its advertising options to offer ways for your advertising to rise above the rest to include:

  • Sticky Note Ads – Ads adhere to the AJC’s front page and are sticky enough to hold for delivery, yet ultra-removable for readers to peel-off as coupons, calendar reminders, etc.
  • Section Front Ads – Full color ads spanning the front page offer advertiser-exclusivity and high impact across our newspaper sections.
  • Spadea Wraps – This full-color broadsheet wraps around an AJC section, prominently visible to all who peruse the paper.
  • Single-Advertiser Dedicated Section – This 6-8 page color broadsheet is placed right behind the Main/A newspaper section, offering an ideal way to draw major attention any day of the week.

The AJC Advantage: One Contact for Multi-Media

The AJC is Atlanta’s only integrated media provider, offering a one-stop- shop for your advertising needs with:

  • Largest local audiences with flexible delivery options for reaching them.
  • Creative advertising options within engaging content and across multi-purpose publications.
  • Print plus digital and direct marketing solutions – coordinated into a comprehensive advertising plan, complete with measurable results.
Sources: 1) Scarborough Research 2012 R2 Recontact Study, Atlanta CBSA (2011-2012). 2) Scarborough Research 2013 R1, Atlanta CBSA. Readership includes e-Edition replica. 3) Nielsen Cross-Media Engagement Study–Atlanta (2010).