Programmatic Advertising in the Real World

You’ve probably heard the confusing jargon that relates to programmatic advertising. In fact, the term ‘programmatic’ itself is confusing. Rather than throw a bunch of fancy terms at you, we’re going to show you how real-world businesses benefit from programmatic advertising. To bring you up to speed, we describe programmatic advertising as display advertising – just a differentRead More

car dealer case study

How a Programmatic Campaign Sold 35 Cars [Case Study]

If you’re still on the fence about what programmatic advertising can do for your business, take a look at this case study. The AJC put together a programmatic ad campaign for an auto dealer and knocked it out of the park.  Programmatic Wins for a Car Dealer The AJC’s objective with this car dealership was to increase storeRead More


What Is Viewability and Why Is It Important?

You’ve heard the term thrown around here and there, and you know it’s an important metric, but what is viewability? It relates to impressions, and whether or not your audience can see them. This may sound like a straightforward concept, but a lot goes into determining viewability. Understanding how it’s determined and why it mattersRead More

Programmatic Advertising

[RECAP] Programmatic Ad Workshop: How to Target Your Customers & Create Greater ROI

Did you attend our free Programmatic Workshop on July 13th and 14th? When we are deciding what seminar topics to cover for the year, we want to align with business trends. We share our knowledge to give you a better understanding of how those things will impact your business. And with Programmatic becoming the gold standardRead More

programmatic ad creative concepts

Creative and Programmatic Advertising: Make it work for you.

Programmatic advertising is so hot right now in digital marketing, with ad spending expected to reach $22 billion this year, according to eMarketer— that’s nearly a 40 percent increase from last year. But only 45 percent of people who use programmatic advertising actually understand the concept behind it, according to an IAB report cited by Econsultancy.  Read More