Programmatic from a different angle

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Programmatic advertising is such a buzz media term, with ad spending expected to reach $22 billion this year, according to eMarketer— that’s nearly a 40 percent increase from last year. But only 45 percent of people who use programmatic advertising actually understand the concept behind it, according to an IAB report cited by Econsultancy.

 What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Let’s define our jargon first. Essentially, programmatic advertising can be bucketed in 2 points.

  1. It dramatically reduces the margin of human error and the labor-intensive process of media buying and replaces them with automated techniques that targets the right customer with the right ad at the right time.
  2. Automated, means there is now more time to focus on the messaging and creative.

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Now for my favorite part [Drumroll]…What Is Different about Programmatic Creative?

I’m typically on the front end of our campaigns asking the question, “How do we approach creative in programmatic campaigns?”

Programmatic creative can be matched with thousands of audience segments that are created by data-management platforms. Your stable of creative concepts serve a brand message that is hyper-personalized, enhanced and adaptable to location, time, behavior, device and more.

For example, you can deliver a certain creative message, but change the price depending on location demographics. You can change the content, font color, CTA and other aspects of your message according to these hyper-individualized audience segments.

So, use those capabilities to build multiple approaches to your creative. The cream will always rise to the top and will make you look like you are doing complicated data dives to serve creative, when really you building a strategy that is essentially automated.

To sum it up…

To maximize the creative potential of programmatic, stop thinking in terms of a single campaign — deliver great content in an overall ad system that is responsible and adaptable for delivering highly relevant messages to users.

Essentially, programmatic creative allows you to turn around a high volume of quality ads quickly, using a base template that is tailored to specific audiences. Focus on creating systems that will facilitate the manipulation of a large amount of creative at once. This allows you to deliver custom creative that impacts users directly on any given day, in any place.

Obviously I am biased, but at the AJC, programmatic strategy runs in opposition to the “repetition, repetition, repetition” strategy of traditional brand advertising. Using multiple creative allows you to perform A/B testing affordably, without expensive focus groups. Clients are able to receive tangible data to make shifts quickly in order to super-serve the correct message, and you always get the best performing creative that will continue to shape your overall strategy.

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