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Shopping Micro-Moments: A Happy Holiday, Indeed

Holiday shopping season is upon us. With it comes the pressure to increase conversions and boost sales across digital channels. One popular trend that has been gaining traction in recent months is the idea of seizing upon “micro-moments” — that instant when customers pull out their smartphone to find out more information about a product or business with an immediate desire to make a purchasing decision. Harnessing holiday shopping micro-moments could be the key to really making an impact on your small business’s bottom line this gift-giving season.

What Exactly Are Micro-Moments?

Though the term “micro moments” sounds like it relates to the passage of time, this concept actually refers to the tendency of consumers to whip out their smartphones while shopping, many times with a direct intent to purchase. Think With Google simplifies this concept, referring to micro-moments as the “intent-driven, I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy” moments that all consumers encounter.

Gearing up for the Holidays

Though micro-moments occur throughout the year (and crafting a comprehensive plan to conquer them all the time is certainly a great way to continue increasing your rate of conversion month-to-month), the holiday season presents unique opportunities and challenges for marketers. While there are more consumers looking to make purchases during this season, competitors are also ramping up their marketing efforts as well.

To combat this, Marketing Magazine recommends that companies double down on their most-used connection paths. Focus on beefing up proven strategies during the holidays, rather than introducing new concepts — and ramp up your existing strategies to capitalize on micro-moments.

Making Micro-Moments Immediate

Focus on the immediacy of your existing campaigns this holiday season — chances are, your customer is already on that wavelength. Calls to action that invite consumers to “buy now” or “add to cart now” offer easy paths to purchase, which is ultimately how holiday micro-moments are won.

For instance, if you are an electronics company that has had success in the past marketing a certain model of camera, you can modify your strategy by crafting an ad targeted towards those searching for this specific camera. Duplicate the strategy for other comparable models. Then you can optimize this ad for the holidays by inviting holiday shoppers to “Save 50 percent on Oven Model X today” or “Add Oven Model Y to your shopping cart now!” These incentives-based calls to action help push the immediacy of purchasing to your potential shoppers, increasing your chances of “winning” holiday shopping micro-moments.

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