Local Business Plus

local-biz-plusWhen it comes to effective advertising, reaching your audience and delivering your message with frequency is key to success. With our Local Business Plus program in the Monday thru Saturday AJC, you’ll get 16 full-run ads in 30 days.


Deal Spotter

deal-spotterThe new Deal Spotter section, publishing each Thursday, allows you to align your coupons and offers with content profiling shopping values, deals and steals – with zoned and full-run advertising reach options. 


ajc.com Geographic Targeting

laptop-imageLeverage the AJC’s unparalleled online intelligence to target prospects based on their proximity to your business. Targeting your ajc.com display ads by geography is a cost-effective way to ensure your ad investment pays off. Rates start at $600 per week.


AJC Living & Arts Section with Zoned Delivery

ajc-living-artsThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s zoned Living & Arts section allows you to target advertising to the neighborhoods surrounding your location. And, with frequency or multi-zone discounts, it’s easy to customize your buy to cost-effectively meet your business’ objectives.