These 10 hacks will make you a content king

Nobody knows content is king quite like a media organization. We also know that when it comes to content that converts, we are in an age of only seconds of attention. People are interacting with content faster, on the run and while they are doing 5 other things. We wanted to share ten tips and tricks for writing headlines for snackable content, so that your content can be king as well.

When it comes to writing headlines for snackable content, you should spend the same amount of time writing the headline as the entire post. That is because your headline is the lure to invite the reader to engage with you.


Your headline should instantly direct a focus on why the reader should care.

You want to elicit curiosity and emotion with your headline, but above all there has to be clarity.

The context of the post and your audience are unique, so test and learn what resonates with them.


One way to include an emotional element is to establish a
link between the headline and the direct impact on the reader.

Phrases like “will make you” and “what happened next” have the highest number of interactions on Facebook. It builds suspense for your reader.

Headlines that appeal to a niche group, or “tribal headlines,” have been growing in popularity. Your audience is your “squad”, write to them as such.


Members of the tribe are more likely to share posts that support viewpoints or cultural causes that they have a strong connection to. Figure out passion points by opening the floor to your audience with an open ended question. 


Using numbers in your headlines is another good way to draw in readers. The number 10 is the highest performing headline number. Other popular numbers in headlines are 5, 15 and 7.

Headlines between 80 and 95 characters get the most shares on Facebook. Speaking of sharing, please share these tips and tricks with your squad.



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